Freedom From Conscience - Melanie's Awakening

“There is nothing as violent as love." Some may see the truth in this, others not. I am not going to write of love as it applies to relationships but rather the love of a book. To be more specific, the sequel to "Freedom From Conscience - Melanie's Journey” which is titled, “Freedom From Conscience – Melanie’s Awakening” by the author Michael Cross. For those of you who have read the first part, I am happy to announce that the sequel is now in available! 

I do not intend this as a PR thing…then again maybe it is. You see, I am writing this column because I REALLY enjoyed the book! If you read the first book, you've simply got to read the second. If you have not read the first I would just like to say that like many well-written series you can pick up on who the main characters are what brought them to this point in time quite quickly. Of course you will probably finish the book and desire to read the first as well but trust me, you will enjoy “Melanie’s Awakening” even if you have not read the first book.

The book is a psychological thriller so it’s not a young children’s story. However, mature readers will enjoy the exploration of the very concept of right and wrong as well as the age-old question of what limits does individual happiness extend to. Is there romance? Yes. And of course there is deception, danger and suspense which builds from beginning to the surprise ending. Throughout you get to know more and more about the characters of the book, even the ones that are in the background. Seriously, if you dare read this and the previous book - you should.
One more thing I would like to mention is that with all the intrigue and suspense there is a certain innocence possessed by the primary characters Melanie and Nicole. You cannot help but connect with both on an emotional level; especially Melanie as you see the story unfold through her eyes.

Again, these books are not cute fairytales; more the opposite. Melanie is burdened with loneliness and is somewhat a psychopath – she is not completely without emotion however. When she does love it is with an intensity that burns, yet when she is deceived or betrayed she can become ice cold and willing to commit acts few dare even to fantasize about. Yet you cannot help but sympathize with her…even fall in love with her. Trust me, if you have read the first book you understand what I am saying. In this second book, Melanie learns that there are only very few people who can love you for who you are, luckily she has found a trustful friend, Nicole, who can accept Melanie for who she really is, or does she? It is not until the events unfold around Nicole’s marriage to her high school sweetheart Daniel that you find out that outward appearances can be quite misleading.

One other teaser for those who have already read the first book…the appearance of a new love interest for Melanie that reminds her of her first true love Mark Lindberg. I can’t say more…you’ll just have to read for yourselves.

29 July 2012, 16:44
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