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My best friend Simon Leisjo and me, enjoying GAGA together!
Camilla Gerwide and me before the show in front of SKYPES backdrop!

Three days after the concert in Stockholm I still feel her presents!
Gandhi said a long long time ago just what Gaga creates every day!
"Be the change you want to see in the world"

Gagas message is loud and clear!
Be revolutionary with compassion, not with hate!
We are all different and that is what makes us all the same!

She lives with gratitude always to her fans!
Gaga is a true leader of love and uses her conserts as her statement to make all her fans love themselves!
"I am because you created me" were her exakt words to all of us in the Globe Arena in Stockholm!
She is truly in love with her fans!

The concert was not a concert!
Show at it's highest level! Costumes, decor, lights, effects, message and music as we all wanted it but didn't expect! First night the electricity went out and Gaga went out on the stage and handle it all like we were in her livingroom! Personal and funny! She was so there!!
The spirit that shines within her is interesting and she is always creating something new!
She lives the word BRAVERY!

On Thursday I went with my very best friend Simon Leisjo to Gagas first concert! Our seats just under the roof made us see everything from above!
My heartbeat was clear and I was totally calm! Just wanted to fill me up with her energy level. To carry the power with me in some way! And she delivered!!
She started the concert with Born This way and that was that! Say no more!
One of the most important songs of all time for me!
I felt so included at that moment!

The concert was an orgie of Gaga hits and it felt like being at the best party ever!
My favorites Bad Romance and Edge of Glory pumped me up and her new song Lady Die was so strong as she also picked up a girl on stage that cried and really needed Gagas support! I mean really needed! I think all of us in the arena can agree on that one!
Lady Gaga is full of compassion!! Just take a look at her Born this way Foundation!

On Friday I was invited by Camilla Gervide, the biggest pop blogger in Sweden with 200 000 readers every week!
She's an amazing woman to be around with so much great energy! Love to be in her presents! She got the invitation from Skype so thanks Skype for that!! This is just a beginning of our friendship!

Fridays concert became more a partything for me because Camilla Gerwide loves to dance and so do I! We are a bit crazy both of us! We had the seats really close to the stage so this time it really felt like I was there at Gagas Party! Loved every second of it!! Just dance and Pokerface made me go a bit bananas!

After the concert we talked a bit me and Camilla and I revealed that I carry a big business idea that involves Lady Gaga and that the inspiration that Gaga gave me made me believe in a new concept! By being a modern Gandhi she has created the possibilities for my new dream! A dream to make money on something that create young peoples future for the better and building there selfasteam!

Just as Lady Gaga I want to give back with love! I've been hated and excluded for being fat, driven and gay! I'm not about revenge, only about love!
Lady Gaga leads with love and I will follow her example!

I have big dreams and people can think whatever they want about me but I want, with my journey, inspire people to take the step and create love for themselves and share their dreams with others! The total success for me is when I can inspire people to create something good in their own being!

My dream is to do business with Lady Gaga and I need to tell you all that right now! If I don't tell you don't know it! A few people has seen what I have created with my designers and everyone of theme agrees that all of the little monsters Lady Gaga has out there will love it! As she says : you little monsters are the future!
My idea and dream is my priority! Now you know! I am brave enough to say it!

Thank you Gaga for the inspiration to find strength when I needed it the most through your quote:
"For those of you who really want to see me sinking, I Know how to swim!!!"

 Thanks Camilla Gervide for taking nice pictures of Gaga for me and for giving me such a great party!!

Thanks Simon Leisjo for always believing in me and thanks my love Asa Holmgren for giving me your ticket to the concert on thursday! I love you! 

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Love C

PS. Stay tuned to see how we together can develop and expand our ability to look beyond!

3 September 2012, 18:19
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