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Can I, can I save you from you
Cause you know there's something Missing and that champagne you've
Been sipping not suppose to make you
Different all the time.

It's starting to feel like the wrong thing
To do (yeah); cause with all that recognition
It gets hard for you to listen to the things
That I must say to make you mine.
But live girl, have some fun girl. We'll be fine
Trying to convince myself I found one
Making a mistake I never learned from!

I swear, I always fall for your type (yeah)
For your type.
Tell me why, I always fall for your type (ohhohh)
For your type.
I just cant explain this shit at all!
I just cant explain this shit at all!
I just cant explain this shit at all!
I just cant explain this shit at all!
Never believed in people like you!

Cause who am I to judge you on the past, girl
I bet there's a reason for it all
You say that you're nothing like the last girl
I just pray that you don't let me down right now
But it's too late 'cause I'm already yours
You just gotta promise me hearts won't break
And end up like before

Dress hangin' off your shoulder, barely sober
Telling me how you're moving away and starting over
Girl, quit playin' you just drunk, you just saying shit
And you dance, dance like high like ballet and shit
Oh, wait, no I get it girl I'm wit it
I been down this road before and yeah I skid it
But forget it, damn, damn
I wonder why I never learned my lesson
It's feeling like its second chance and it's the first impression
And I heard there's nothing new except for someone new
But how you supposed to find the one when anyone don't come with you
Talking to myself but I never listen
Cause, man, it's been a while and I swear that this ones different
That's why I'ma take you anywhere you wanna go
Let you meet my friends so they can lecture me again
About how reckless I have been
And I'm slowly running out of all the time that I invested
Making all the same mistakes
And I'm just trying to correct it, and I fall..






'Remember that a smile is contagious, make sure you get your daily dose!' -Anosh Sheytan 2011.










Life aint no Sunsetwalk..





Spread love, not hatred! Even your enemy has red blood and a black shadow!



All the best, Anosh Sheytan, follow me @

15 July 2011, 22:32
6025 ggr
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Redirecting blog. kategori: komedi



This blog is and has been unactive since 2011.
It's not in use anymore by Anoshirvan 'Anosh Sheytan' Parvazi.

Anosh Sheytan is currently on a 7-City Comedy tour in The US.
His career took off there and he recently became the First non-American comedian to perform at All venues of The Worldfamous Laugh Factory. 
If you wish to contact Anosh for any reason, please visit or click on the picture below.



If your concern is the Modern Selfdefence Academy, F.A.R - Fighting Against Rape,
than you could either visit or click on the picture below.







For more ways to follow

Anosh Sheytan,
click on each icon below!














6 November 2012, 18:07
137453 ggr
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Sh*t Swedish People Say! kategori: komedi




Sh*t Swedish People Say!



What do you think about when you think about Swedes?




Do you think about.... 



Big titty skinny anorectic blonds... or?




Meatballs with jam and mashed potatoes? ... Or?




Swedish water? ... or?




Swedish pride? .. Or?




Or this fucking gipsy?




Or this greedy...... IKEA owner..... Or?




Or Swedish Kurds?






Or do you simply think about ....

Shit Swedish People Say! Watch it & Share it.


















All the best, Anosh Sheytan, follow me @

14 March 2012, 23:33
165943 ggr
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Martin Hedenbergh - George Clooney eller Paris Hilton? kategori: Träning




Martin Hedenbergh - George Clooney eller Paris Hilton?


Ni som vet, vet..
Martin Hedenbergh är min Sensei på våran klubb Conde BJJ i House Of Champions!

Men ibland så undrar jag.. liknar han George Clooney eller Paris Hilton?



Så himla sexig.. vattenfall i mina underkläder!




Även när han sover.. och med skäggstubb!




Martin "Den ödmjuke Greven" Hedenbergh.




Han är så ödmjuk att han till och med beordrar dommaren att stoppa matchen..

















All the best, Anosh Sheytan, follow me @

12 March 2012, 22:25
166883 ggr
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Short review about Stop Kony - #ASKYOURSELF kategori: politik




My review about Stop Kony - #ASKYOURSELF



ASK YOURSELF - About The Invisible Children/Stop Kony-campaign.


Ask yourself, How come that 20 years of silence bursts out in One video made by an American?
Ask yourself, is this civilwar so easy to solve? Should we just send some American troops?
You can ask yourself where does the weapons come from?
Almost 8/10 of the worlds landmines come from Sweden. But a majority of the other armors have US written all over it.
Ask yourself, is Joseph Kony the only Joseh Kony?
Should YOU be telling about THEIR story? Are YOU telling and believing that the People of Uganda cant handle their own difficulties?
This video Clearly says that the power lays in the hands of the Americans, not with the Government of Uganda
, nor the people!
Ask Yourself!

I'm not saying that 30,000+ gerillakids is nothing, but its not the biggest amount that is known to be found in the African continent. I'm also not saying that the Creator and Staff Boss, Jason Russell's work was in vain, I believe that it was the opposite. Its eyeopening in a lot of ways, especially for us spoiled westerners, wich includes me.

Jacob the UG-child who lost his brother in the worst imaginable way says that he would rather be dead, than being alive and feeling the non-attendance of his brother. He pretty much explaines that he felt like a lot of other people who lost a part of their family does, a lack of a brother can make you feel like a living dead, like a zombie.

Not to make this article too long, I hope that you as a reader understand the meaning of the manipulation that the Invisible Children have to go through to commit those things that their leaders command them to do, such a murdering their own parents, their own friends and neighbours, classmates, compatriots etc. They need to manipulate them so badly and deep that they cross the border and feeling of humanity, after that, it will be much easier to make a Invisible Child to commit an act like this. We see the same, but in smaller versions, types of manipulation in Organized Crimelegues.

I'd like to aim my focus on a minority in Uganda for a while, The homosexuals, the other zombies.
Now, not to far away from the Zombies (Invisible Children), there is another group of manipulated people in Uganda.
The religious people who give all their faith, not only to their God, but to their Pastor, I'm refering to Dr Martin Ssempa.

Dr Martin Ssempa is also a person who manipulates the people of Uganda with his propaganda of making homosexuals to 'Criminals' and 'Sick people'. Time after time when he gives lectures in Churches, School, Electioncampaigns etc, he talks about homosexuals in such a degrading way, that he even urges everybody Not to treat them like humanbeings, he says 'I will make sure that a homosexual person never sees the light of legality and justice in Uganda or anywhere else in Africa'.
Now the homosexuals of Africa, might still be breathing, if they're not that open with their sexuality, but what does that make them? Alive? To live, doesn't mean your alive!
This is just another way to turn you own neighbour against you and make you, as A Homosexual citizen of Uganda, become an outkast and a zombie. So what is the diffrence between Joseph Kony and Pastor Dr Martin Ssempa? One of them kills you fast, and the other one slow.. Ask youself!

Now, to what matters more than our lives.. Money!
Ask yourself why the US should interfere? Why should they be some kind of World-Police?
Open your eyes more and understand, that Its only beacuse of financial interests!
Uganda is a country with plenty of natural resources, and if the US interferes, they would make it look as if Uganda 'needs help' to build up companies etc, than when the US work is done, they'll put Uganda in debt, I refer to the past 'help' that the US have been giving other countries, such as in the African continent and Southamerica.
Not to mention that countries with arms-manufacturers, as Sweden, USA, Germany etc. make billions of dollars by selling the weapon that the Uganda people all of a sudden are in need of. Ask Yourself!
Nobody has ever cared about Uganda untill this Stop Kony youtube/vimeo clip got out.. is it really that hard to imagine that this exists? This is so Illuminati!

Not to many weeks ago you were crying for Whitney Houston, and now its rage against Kony's troups. Again, I'm not justifying Joseph Kony or any other manipulating leaders acts aganst humanity, but Ask Yourself!
Is everything really as the way we see it? You have to have some kind of criticism of your sources!



A video more worth watching! Not as fancy, not as fake!















All the best, Anosh Sheytan, follow me @

9 March 2012, 11:25
169345 ggr
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Solo per te Bella - Mia prima poesia in Italiano. kategori: Anosh pratar..




Solo per te Bella - Mia prima poesia in Italiano.

Ti odio Bella!
Mi hai fatto stare così male..
Ma io odio i miei incubi ancora di più.. adesso preferisco morire che sognare..
Odio amare, Odio perdere....
Eri vestita in un vestito viola .. e un sorriso..... il tuo sorriso è il mio paradiso.......
Mi manchi mi manchi mi manchi, più di ieri, meno di domani.





















All the best, Anosh Sheytan, follow me @

4 March 2012, 12:58
168873 ggr
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Kampsportsgalan 2012 - Sista chansen att nominera! kategori: F.A.R




Kampsportsgalan 2012 - Sista chansen att nominera!

Hej vänner!
Imorgon är det sista chansen att nominera den Svenska Kampsportare ni tycker förtjänar en fin och kärleksfull nominering!
Det hade vart jätteskoj om ni hade velat nominera mig till Årets Kampsportsgala!


För er som vill nominera mig, här är följande info om mig.

Namn: Anoshirvan Parvazi.
Pris: Det ni tycker passar.
Stil: Brasiliansk Jiu Jitsu - BJJ.
Klubb: Conde BJJ.
Motivering: Det ni tycker passar.

Lite meriter:
Jag har bla. startat F.A.R - Fighting Against Rape, en gratis självförsvarsakademi för kvinnor i alla åldrar, ett minne till Nancy Tavsan & Elin Krantz där jag håller lektioner och går ut i skolor, föreningar, företag och lär ut Självförsvar.
September 2011 var jag i ett sex sidors stort reportage i Fighter Magazine gällande min comeback efter min olycka 2005.
Jag har bla. vunnit turnerigar som Swedish Open Bjj, Alive SWT och blivit graderad till Blått bälte av Martin Hedenbergh och Marcelo Yogui.
Jag har Alltid stått för drogfri sport och ett drogfritt liv!
Det enda jag kan lova är att det kommer mera!

Denna text är motiveringen från två fina vänner:

Från Lilian:
"Anosh, en kampsportare som fångade mitt hjärta under ett samtal, ett samtal om livet, hopp och kärlek... men framför allt att kämpa på det man tror på, mot något större och rikare.. hans ord, drivkraft och livsglädje gav mig hopp om att igen börja lita på mig själv. Hans styrka som han finner inom kampsporten sprider han till sin omgivning, oavsett vem jag, hon eller han är. Efter endast ett samtal, på den mest jordnära nivån, insåg jag att Anosh är inte vem som helst, han är någon, denna någon är en sann vinnare, inte för priset i sig, utan för det han ger oss! "

Från Morgan:
"Man inser att Anosh bör vinna Folkets pris just för att han representerar folket - en kille med invandrarbakgrund, uppvuxen i slummen, förlorat sin bästa vän i en hemsk olycka som försatte Anosh i en månads lång koma och kör trots alla motgångar, mot alla odds BJJ med stor framgång och en ostoppbar vilja till att vilja lyckas."

Tack alla som nominerat och ni som tänker nominera, tack på förhand vänner, Kärlek! ♥



Här nominerar du!
eller klicka på bilden nedan för att direkt komma till Nomineringen.













All the best, Anosh Sheytan, follow me @

15 February 2012, 22:28
170760 ggr
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  • addan
    2012-05-08, 19:10


    vilken bra blogg du har


  • anoshsheytan (M26)
    2012-03-04, 12:57

    Kärlek till er alla vilket som =)


  • Marcus S Emanuelsson
    2012-03-04, 10:08


    BOOM! Word till Robert Hall!

  • Robert Hall
    2012-03-03, 21:58


    Till "Anton M" och "Hybris är fult!!": Ni två måste vara Svenskar, obereste och oerfarna sådana! Jag är också Svensk men just sådana som ni gör mig mörkrädda! För det första är ni anonyma, typiskt Svenskt, för det andra kunde inte Svensk 2 säga något för än Svensk 1 yttrade sig, anonymt, modigt!
    Är Anoshirvan vitbältare eller är bilden gammal? Han fick blått bälte på under 6 månader, något jag inte lyckats med, och jag har till och med segrat mot honom i SW, inte Bjj dock.
    Senast jag pratade med Rickard Nordstrand och Marcelo Yogui på någon tunering så pratade de båda så stort om Anoshirvan att det inte var något annat likt. Och nu blev hans helt okända lilla klubb i Göteborg nominerade till Årets Klubb pga hans Twiiter, Facebook, Blogg mm. Varför glädjs ni inte istället för att en ung Svensfödd kille lyckats så bra i olika kampsporter och i övriga livet trots hans motgångar? Hade ni vetat något om Anoshirvans liv, så hade ni aldrig skrivit detta, eller har ni också fått 6 sidor+framsida på Fighter Magazine?

  • Hybris är fult!!
    2012-03-03, 12:35


    Anton M skrev exakt det alla som har med kampsport å göra tänker när du håller på så, en jävla vitbältare som lurar sina läsare att han är nått annat än nybörjare, VITT BÄLTE ÄR LÄNGSTA RANKEN VA FAN SYSSLAR DU MED DU KAN VÄL FAN INTE TYCKA ATT DU FÖRTJÄNAR NÅGOT SLAGS KAMPSPORTSPRIS?!!!! Vad fan är det för fel på dig????

  • Anton m
    2012-03-01, 23:14


    Du är nominerad till årets pajas för att du tigger om att bli nominerad och du är en nybörjare i bjj som inte presterat
    Något alls och du hävdar dessutom att du skulle vara nån gammal mästare i thaiboxing och karate
    Men filmklippet när du slår mitts visar att du har samma slag och spark teknik som vilken nybörjare som helst.
    Kom tillbaka när du presterat något och utnyttja inte ditt blogg kändisskap för att ta röster av folk som tränat dag in och dag ut i flera år och gått upp i ringen i fullkontakt sporter och inte någon junior d klass kuddkrig för 100 år sen.

    Har absolut inget emot att nominera dig om du skulle ha gjort något som är värt


  • Namn
    2012-02-27, 22:38


    Snygge-Nooshiiiii :-)

  • Namn
    2012-02-21, 01:23


    1,740,464 läsare!! SICK!

  • Linda Julian
    2012-02-18, 02:32


    Visste inte vad jag skulle vilja så jag tog förebild, för det var min personliga beskrivning om dig

  • Namn
    2012-02-17, 10:01


    nominerad folkets pris! syster valde förebild..

  • Namn
    2012-02-17, 02:20


    Folkets Pris! Det förtjänar du!

  • .
    2012-02-16, 23:53



  • Fidde
    2012-02-16, 16:18


    Done! Ska säga till mina småsyskon att nominera!

  • Renata Fd Redzep Useinova
    2012-02-16, 15:13


    Done, my little friend!

  • Malin FAR-Elev!
    2012-02-16, 14:45


    Grym länk om Anoshirvan:

  • Benny
    2012-02-16, 14:42


    Så! Nominerade dig till Folkets Pris - Guldtuban!

  • Masire ;)
    2012-02-16, 14:39


    Haha! Jag nominerade dig innan du ens kände till galan

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The first half of Louis's Bachelorparty, done! kategori: Vardag




The first half of Louis's Bachelorparty, done!



So far we've had a blast, all of us except Louis himself haha!

We started of with a indoor gokart-race wich I have to admit, that I lost... and boy did I lose bad! Major party foul!


The lineup!



The Bachelore himself! Louis aka Amo Lollo!



Getting readyu to kick some ass!



This doesnt look too good init?!



Me... I had no clue I was about to lose against 16 other guys haha... major party foul!


But yet I stand at the first place at the podium haha!



After this I brought the boys over to my club, Conde BJJ at House Of Champions.
I'm putting my old white belt around Louis's huge tummy, with a biiiiig smile!



After a 5 minute Jiu jitsu-whopp ass we took it to my old passion, Muay Thai (Thaiboxing).
And yeah.. the result is below.......



Louis Bestman Il Padrino Alfredo Spaghetti Corleone is taking the time to help Louis while he passed out.. by taking rememorable photos of him...

Louis, we almost needed a Chris Tucker to come in a give you the known line.. wait, let me fix that...



Sorry bro.. I had too hahaha!



After I served Louis my notorious lowkicks.. they started to reveal... slightly...



Yeah, that's what you get!
Think this is hard? Wait till saturday when you get married, Reast in Peeaaaaace hahaha!

So now I crushed his bone and tapped him out with an additional 5 minutes of Muay Thai and now there was yet another martial art to come.... MMA - Mixed Martial Arts!




You can see that both of us are enjoying this... right? Yopu can see that right? No? 



Can you see it now? No? Are you sure you have your lenses on?






Ball so haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaard!!!














All the best, Anosh Sheytan, follow me @

15 January 2012, 00:39
148454 ggr
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