Efter mycket om och men så är det äntligen färdigt... Vi har äran att få presentera Syke 'n' Sugarstarr hos på Solidaritet FREDAGEN 5 AUGUSTI!

Dessa 2 herrar har gjort en mängd olika grymma släpp själva, under andra namn, men har också remixat en mängd olika låtar som ni har hört på dansgolv i hela världen och på radion. Som bl.a dessa slagdängor...

For You -​ch?v=BHLA4QIKRRk

Ticket To Ride -​ch?v=g_vgBc42zIY

Like This Like That -​ch?v=_IQK5YTn4-Q

So Many Times -​ch?v=vFI06CrEXPk

My Belief -​ch?v=a8won2G8IGo

I Surrender -​ch?v=CJSAeUXOZ5g

2010 was most definitely Syke ’n' Sugarstarr’s year. Their latest single releases ‘Like That Sound’, ‘So Alive’ and ‘My Belief’ have been seen many times at the top of world class charts and, collected No.1s in several countries. By the end of 2010, their second ‘Best-Of’ Album had been released via WePlay/Sony Music, showcasing a wide selection of the most prominent Syke’n'Sugarstarr productions from 2006-2011. This included masterpieces like ‘Ticket 2 Ride’, ‘No Love Lost’, ‘Danz’, as well as their latest releases and remixes.

Syke’n'Sugarstarr belong to the Champions League of the house music scene, not only on account of their productions, but also due to their extensive touring as DJ’s. In 2010 alone, they played 90 gigs, in 30 different countries, and can rightfully be seen as part of the select group of the worlds most in-demand DJ’s.In recent years, they have created their own unique style, which they call ‘Funky-Electronic-Tech house-With-Vocals-And-Soul​’.

This broad range of house music also forms the basis of the ‘Do The Hip!’ Radio Show, hosted by Syke’n'Sugarstarr for the past two years. The show is broadcast weekly by more than 65 FM stations worldwide, and is aired in more than 80 countries.The most appealing aspect of Syke ‘n’ Sugarstarr, is just how fresh they sound, both in their productions, and their DJ’ing. As anyone who has seen them on the decks will know, they as diverse and experimental as their studio work. The best way to describe them, would probably be as musical pioneers, which, in this age of copyists and cover merchants, is exactly what the world needs right now! For 2011, Syke 'n' Sugarstarr have already prepared eight (!!!) new single releases to be out on big labels, as well as Remixes and productions for well-known artists. Within the next few weeks, the promo-wave is about to be started in a massive way.


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Välkomna tillbaka från sommarlovet och till SOLIDARITET !!!
Jonas Lichter, Olle Fritz, Pierre Jarnbrink med personal...

Publicerad: 2011-07-27, 11:02